G.SKILL Extreme Overclocking at Computex 2017: The Aftermovie

G.SKILL as a company are very well aligned with the more extreme end of the enthusiast PC space. Indeed the company’s Trident Z series memory is extremely popular with overclockers. From Rookie to Elite, G.SKILL is a massive supporter of overclocking, which is why it we find entirely unsurprising to see how much extreme overclocking was happening at their booth at Computex this year. To remind us all about exactly went on at the booth, they just published a really great aftermovie which offers a superb overview of all the action.

The G.SKILL OC World Cup of course needs no introduction, inviting six overclockers from the online qualifier phase to compete for four days across four stages, all which involve tweaking memory. The main prize? $10,000 USD in cold, hard cash. As with previous years, the prize money attracted some of the scene’s most respected overclockers including; Xtreme Addict, Dancop, Alex@ro, Rule, Splave and rsannino. At the end of the week, it was Italian rsannino who raised the trophy and pocketed the cash.

The other main attraction at the booth was the World Record stage. Each day a different team of overclockers from different motherboard vendors were invited to the booth to try and break some world records. Teams included ASUS, GIGABYTE, EVGA, MSI and ASRock and featured some of the best OC talent that you can find working in the industry here in Taiwan.

You can check out the aftermovie here on the G.SKILL YouTube channel. It offers a great overview of the OC action that took place at this year’s Computex 2017 show. Well worth a watch.

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