PCGamer.com Try Extreme Subzero Overclocking at HWBOT LN2 Workshop

Wes Fenlon, Hardware Editor for PCGamer.com was among a troupe of several journalists and YouTubers who visited the G.SKILL booth at Computex a few weeks ago. HWBOT hosted Extreme Overclocking Workshops at the booth, specifically to give media the chance to try it for themselves. I think it’s fair to say that Wes was quite impressed with the concept of LN2 cooling and was perhaps even a little in awe of the technical complexities that the hobby involves:

The essence of overclocking is finding the balance of voltage and speed that guarantee a stable system. Extreme overclocking isn't much different, except you'll end up tweaking potentially dozens of discrete voltage and timing settings in the BIOS. Same idea, but massively more complex to learn. Thankfully, we were using an Asus motherboard with a pre-configured BIOS.

"The amount of knowledge that you need to get a chip like Kaby Lake up to 7 GHz is unimaginable," Plaisier says. "The good thing is that we have engineers in the motherboard companies figuring all this out, and making sure the BIOSes are ready for people that just want to try to see how far their chip can go. For example, this profile, they've configured the entire VRM for optimal power delivery. Technically you can configure all these yourself as well, but if you have to learn all these terms, your'e six months away. Another problem: a lot of the documentation about these kinds of settings is confidential. So not everyone even has access to all the information to even learn how to configure everything. You have a whole bunch of voltages which typically no one talks about. Internal PLL voltage, DMI voltage. Most people would not know where those are affected."

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