Throwback Thursday: ASRock Bring Non-Z Overclocking to the World

Today being a Thursday, we decided to go back to a day in June 2013 when ASRock issued a press release explaining how their latest BIOS releases would now enable users to overclock their systems using non-Z chipset motherboards such as the Fatal1ty H87 board. Non-Z chipset overclocking, as well as non-K SKU overclocking soon became a top trend with motherboard manufacturers and was ultimately killed by Intel a few months later. This is what ASRock wrote back on June 27th 2013 (can’t believe it was four years ago – feels like yesterday):

[Press Release] TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 27, 2013 –Who ever said that only K series CPUs and the Z-family platform are capable of being overclocked? The avant-garde company ASRock has broken this limitation with an exciting new feature named Non-Z OC! Via this feature overclockers may install their K series CPUs to ASRock’s Fatal1ty H87 Performance or any other H87 B85 chipset motherboards and start overclocking immediately!

The first ASRock motherboard that implements the Non-Z OC feature is Fatal1ty H87 Performance, which is also the H87 motherboard with the most number of power phases in the market currently. Along with its powerful 8 Power Phase design, the CPU frequency can be effortlessly overclocked up to 26%! Simply update to the latest version of our UEFI, then you’ll find the Non-Z OC feature sitting in the OC Tweaker page, select a frequency from a couple of preset settings, restart, kick back to enjoy your drink and voila!

It’s also worth checking out the original post from HWBOT here, if only to read the 28 comments that were posted by some of the most prominent community members.

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