[Video] Der8auer Pushes Core i9 7900X to 5GHz on Air

Here’s another interesting video from der8auer. Having given us a great overview about delidding the latest Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors from Intel, today he gives us a very interesting overview of what to expect from Intel’s Core i9 7900X. The first thing that Roman notes is that the new i9 7900X is deca-core chip that will not only clock higher than previous Broadwell-E Core i7 6950X, but it will also retail for a lower price of around $1,000 USD. Roman goes on to reveal his findings regarding the new Intel flagship, giving us a great break down of what to expect from it when it arrives on the market, presumably in just a few weeks.

Without delidding the Core i9 7900X, using the standard thermal paste that Intel is using, it was possible to reach 4.8GHz. Encoouraging results, especially when you consider that these clocks were reached using a Corsair Hydro Series all-in-one cooler. Without delidding and using a custom water cooled rig, Roman estimates that certain chips will be capable of 4.9GHz. After delidding the Core i9 7900X and replacing the thermal paste with liquid metal, he was then able to push the CPU with same Corsiar AIO cooler to 5GHz. Pretty damnn impressive.

Roman’s findings are also consistent with a report from Jagat Review and Lucky_n00b who managed to hit 4.5GHz with a pretty standard air cooler that used nothing more than 120mm fan. It’s interesting to note that Alva managed to hit 4.5Ghz with core voltage at just 1.15v. Again impressive findings.

The content fom Alve and Roman certainly paints a positive picture about what to expect from Skylake-X in terms of Overclocking potential. You can find the video from Roman here on the der8auer YouTube channel, plus the video from Lucky_n00b here on the Jagat Review YouTube channel. Nice work guys.

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