Paul’s Hardware Tries Sub-Zero Overclocking with LN2 for the First Time

Today we bring you another Extreme OC Media Workshop video, this time from Paul’s Hardware. It’s seems like a few weeks ago already but Computex 2017 was one of the biggest events of the year for the HWBOT team. As well hosting a Performance Matter Helium Night event to help Intel launch their new Basin Falls platform, we also hosted an Extreme Overclocking Workshop, specifically targeted at technology media. Although most technology media are familiar with the key concepts of overclocking, few of them actually have any hand experience beyond ambient cooled tweaking. The workshop, hosted at the G.SKILL booth at Computex, was a chance for us to get them much closer to the bleeding edge of performance.

Paul’s Hardware is one of the web’s most prolific YouTubers, covering everything tech related, including high-end gaming systems and components. As he freely admits in the video, he had never previously used LN2 to cool a CPU before. Paul introduces the equipment to his viewers and the rig that we had setup at show; a Core i7 7700K, an ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard, G.SKIL Trident Z memory and a Kinkpin Cooling Venom LN2 pot.

In the video Massman, who spent most of the week hosting the media workshops, explains the processes involved with extreme overclocking. Stuff like cold bugs, cold boot bugs, how to go full pot with LN2 and of course, how to crank up the settings so that the chip cold hit the mythical 7GHz. Indeed, after raising the voltage to 1.93v with the CPU cooled to below 190 degrees, Paul was soon able to edge his way to 7,071.75MHz. A score which makes him the fastest YouTube of the week. Nice work Paul!

Make sure to catch the video out which can be found here on the Paul’s Hardware YouTube channel.

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