[Video] Der8auer Breaks PiFast World Record with Liquid Helium

Without doubt one of the highlights of this year’s Computex for the HWBOT team was the Performance Matter Helium Night event. Hosted by HWBOT with partners Intel, Seasonic and ASUS at the W Hotel in Taipei on the eve of the trade show itself, the aim of the event was to showcase the performance of Intel’s latest Kaby Lake X processors. What better way than to bring in some canisters of Liquid Helium. The ASUS ROG team included several well known overclockers including Dancop, Elmor and der8auer who was responsible for making a PiFast submission that broke the World Record.

You can watch the World Record being broken with a great video published by the guys at OverClocking-TV. The thing with Liquid helium however, is that it creates a ton of smoke, much more than LN2 for example. For that reason, you may actually struggle to find Roman in the video - he's the guy on the left, operating the keyboard behind all the smoke. The World Record submission was made using an ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex motherboard, an Intel X299 platform board and sports the new LGA 2066 socket boasting the same high performance design philosophy that was using on the Maximus IX Apex board. An Intel Core i7 7740K was cooled to somewhere in the region of -2690C and pushed to 7,407MHz, a massive +72.26% beyond stock settings, to complete a PiFast run in just 8sec 530ms, the fastest ever submission on HWBOT.

You can catch the video of der8aeur and the ROG team breaking the PiFast World Record while VIP guests look on sipping their beers. The video is hosted here on the OverClocking-TV Youtube channel.

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