WCCFTech Announce Official HWBOT Team

The guys at WCCFTech have just announced that they have formed their own official HWBOT Team. WCCFtech community leader Shaun Fosmark had this to say to officially announce the new team and explain to their readership what it is all about:

Our New HWBot Team!

If you are not new to the world of overclocking and benchmarking you may have heard of HWbot or are even a member of a team. If you haven’t, Hwbot is a database/community of overclockers and benchmarkers organized into teams. I am pleased to announce that Wccftech has joined HWbot as well.

These teams compete in a fluid ever changing world of hardware progression. For the Individual user there are 6 different leagues you can join ranging from rookie to elite, although a majority of users will find themselves in the Enthusiast league if they stay at it for any length of time.

In addition to that there are a variety of challenges, trophies, and achievements that overclockers can engage in and enjoy. This is also true for the team as a whole. Each individuals’ points and trophies count towards the team as a whole, so even small achievements can have a big impact for the team in numbers. It is both an individual contest and a competitive team based contest.

Welcome to HWBOT guys! The new WCCFTech team can be found here.

News Source: WCCFTech

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