GIGABYTE X299-SOC Champion Motherboard Pushes Core i7 7740K to 7.5GHz, Breaks 3 World Records and a Global First Place

Earlier today GIGABYTE made a post on their Tech Daily blog pointing out how the company has been working hard behind the scenes to prove that their forthcoming X299 motherboard series is up there with the best in terms of performance. The GIGABYTE X299-SOC Champion motherboard was used to push an Intel Core i7 7740K to an incredible clock frequency of 7.5GHz using liquid helium. The same board was used to break World records scores in 3DMark03, 3DMark06 and Aquamark.

"Last week GIGABYTE hosted an X299 OC gathering which broke numerous launch day world records on the latest Intel® X299 platform. With overclockers from around the world, led by the Senior GIGABYTE overclocker HiCookie, this team of 5 gathered at the GIGABYTE OC Lab. Sofos, GIGABYTE’s veteran overclocker and Team AU’s: Dinos22, Youngpro, and SniperOZ worked throughout Computex to produce four new 3DMark world records and a global first."

"In order to push past the 7.5GHz barrier, the team of overclockers employed liquid helium to drop temperatures to a mind numbingly low -250° Celsius. GIGABYTE now dominates the world record in 3DMark03, 3DMark06, and Aquamark. The 3DMark06 world record was broken not once but twice over the past week, using different hardware configurations, subsequently making one of those scores a global first. Each of the 3DMark records were broken using the latest GIGABYTE X299 AORUS motherboards, AORUS graphics cards and G.Skill memory."

You can find the blog post from the GIGABYTE Tech Daily here, as well as a great video of the GIGABYTE Team harnessing the power of liquid helium here in their OC Lab. You can also find the full press release from GIGABYTE here.

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