G.SKILL OC World Cup 2017: Day 3 – Xtreme Addict (Poland) and rsannino (Italy) Qualify for the Final

The third day of the G.SKILL OC World Cup just came to close at the G.SKILL booth here in Taipei. Day 3 of the contest is the final qualification day which means that the two overclockers at the top of the table will appear in the Grand Final tomorrow. At the end of three days of extreme, competitive overclocking we find that Xtreme Addict from Poland will be joined by Italian rsannino in the final.

Xtreme Addict took top spot with a score of 34 points and two clear wins in Stages 1 and 2. In Stage 2 he managed a DDR4 frequency score of 2484.6MHz using a G.SKILL Trident Z RGB kit with 21-31-31-63 timings. In second place we find RULE with 2,478MHz while Alex@ro makes third place with 2,475MHz.

In Stage 2 Xtreme Addict makes top spot again with 28,358 points in the GeekBench 3 Multi-Core (max 6.5GHz) benchmark. For this he used a Core i7 7700K with DDR4 configured at 2,099MHz (12-11-11-28). Second place finds rsannino with 28,326 points while Alex@ro again makes third with 28,305 points.

In Stage 3 and the 3DMark Physics benchmark (again restricted to 6.5GHz), rsannino takes the win with 20,740 points thanks to a memory configuration of 2,097.5MHz (12-11-11-28). Alex@ro makes second place with 20,695 points while Xtreme Addict sits in third with 20,592 points.

Stage 4 is all about Cinebench R15 (at 6.5GHz). Here we find Germany’s Dancop at the top of the table with a score of 1,493 cb points using a DDR4 Trident Z kit at 2,029.9MHz (12-11-11-28). Xtreme Addict sits in second place with 1,484 points while rsannino makes third with 1,480 points.

Tomorrow we will see Xtreme Addict and rsannino fight it out live at the G.SKILL booth for the top prize of $10,000 USD. Should be a really interesting contest. Don’t forget you can find all the scores from the contest here on the OC-EPSORTS platform.

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