EK Announce New Fluid Gaming Series, Affordable Water Cooling for All

[Press Release] EK Water Blocks, the market leader in PC custom liquid cooling, is launching its new brand created for PC gamers called EK Fluid Gaming. Bringing the best price/performance ratio imaginable, it’s set to change how water cooling is perceived. This is real EKWB water cooling at an affordable price thanks to innovative patent pending technology.

Speaking with gamers around the world has given us a very clear picture that building a PC is a wonderful experience. Once you do it yourself and see how easy it is, you become addicted. But like all great things, building a PC requires a certain budget and usually, this budget is limited to a certain hardware price range. Custom liquid cooling tends to be expensive and only a small number of people can afford it. We wanted to change that! We found a way to make it all much more affordable with new aluminum technology that brings great performance for almost half the price of our core enthusiast lineup.

“We believe every gamer should experience the joy of putting together a PC with a full custom liquid cooling solution. Every gamer should enjoy gaming on a silent PC with high FPS and low temps. Every gamer should be able to overclock his gaming PC and see what hardware is really capable of. With EK Fluid Gaming, we are now enabling you to do just that – a legendary liquid cooling solution at a very affordable price.” – Mark Tanko, EKWB CEO.

Read the full announcement here on the EKWB site.

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