G.SKILL OC World Record Stage 2017: Toppc (Taiwan) Breaks DDR4 Frequency World Record - DDR4-5400

The G.SKILL OC World Record Stage moves into day two today but already we have a new World Record to celebrate. Taiwan’s Toppc was in attendance at the G.SKILL booth yesterday armed with the forthcoming MSI X299 Xpower Gaming Titanium motherboard and a G.SKILL Trident Z RGB memory kit, a combination that resulted in a new DDR4 World Record – DDR4-5400.

The new highest frequency DDR4 World Record was broken live on stage at the G.SKILL World Record Stage. On each day of Computex 2017 a different team of Elite overclockers representing the world’s leading motherboard vendors are invited to the G.SKILL booth for some seriously extreme overclocking. Overclocking talent from ASRock, ASUS, EVGA, GIGABYTE, and MSI will be given space to break out their best motherboard with only one purpose in mind, breaking World Records.

The MSI team were first on the roster to compete at the G.SKILL booth. Topppc used the latest Kaby Lake-X Core i7 7740K processor from Intel to hit a frequency of 2,700 MHz (DDR4-5400) using 21-31-31-31-2 timings in single channel mode. The frequency is ahead of Splave (US) in the rankings with a frequency of 2,644MHz.

You can find the submission from Toppc here on HWBOT, as well as the overall rankings for DDR4 here.

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