Throwback Thursday: DDR3-4000 Barrier Broken by Forthcoming Platform

Being a Thursday, today we take a look back at the past to recall a moment in history which many us may remember fondly. This time we look back to a day in May 2013 when we were on the cusp of seeing the DDR3-4000 barrier broken, with the arrival of Intel’s Haswell platform. Here’s what we wrote back on May 20th 2013:

“It looks like Computex will be very interesting for the memory speed addicts amongst the overclocking crowd. As a screenshot from the CPU-Z application leaked through - the source remains anonymous, we can see the magical barrier of DDR3-4000 has been broken! The fact that this screenshot has not made it public or, well, to a press release indicates this overclocking result was achieved on an upcoming platform. But which platform?”

“After all not only Intel is launching a new micro-architecture in the next month, AMD is as well. They are releasing the new Richland-based APU soon. We all know how strong Llano was for memory overclocking - Christian Ney still has the overall DDR3 record set at DDR3-3900MHz (reference) - and so far it is unclear whether the new AMD platform is capable of beating that. In any case, the DDR3-4K is true as it has been confirmed by multiple sources that will be the new target for memory overclockers. The frequency was reached with a single stick of single sided Hynix MFR memory.”

It’s interesting to look back at just four years ago and see where DDR memory frequencies were compared to where we are today. Right now there are DDR4-5000 frequencies and above posted on HWBOT, a perfect reminder of technology keeps progressing overtime.


Check out the original post from back in 2013 here.

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