Buildzoid Makes Power Board from Dead RX 480 GTR: Part 1 – The Master Plan

Buildzoid is back with his latest video, this time plotting out his plans to turn his old and thoroughly dead XFX RX 480 GTR graphics card into a power board. The RX 480 GTR came to unfortunate end when he pumped too much memory voltage through the card. The card’s VRM however is actually pretty decent and far too nice to just throw in the garbage, hence the idea of salvaging the VRM and recycling it make a decent Power Board.

Just in case you’re a complete newbie, a Power Board is basically a PCB that contains the power delivery components needed to power the GPU, commonly referred to as a VRM. If you want to overclock a graphics card that has a distinctly puny VRM, a Power Board is one solution. Simply solder the Power Board to the graphics card and use its beefier VRM to power the GPU and give you more voltage.

Buildzoid’s video actually goes into quite some detail, outlining the various components on the card including the International Rectifier driver ICs, mosfets and other elements that make up the VRM. He outlines which memory IC he wants to remove to make cutting the card easier, plus details about how he is going to use a hacksaw to chop of the section of PCB that he is actually going to use as the Power Board. You know is genuine hardcore overclocking when folks whip out the hacksaw, but would you believe it’s actually quite complex bit of surgery that requires some rather detailed planning.

Catch the full video from Buildzoid here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel.

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