k|ngp|n Takes Down 3Dmark Time Spy GFP, Splave and rsannino Continue Dual-Core Core i3 7350K Battle

Here’s a quicky update of some of the submissions we’ve seen in the last couple of days K|ngp|n has been continuing his work squeezing the most out of Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs, taking down the 3DMark Time Spy Global First Place ranked score for a single GPU. In the dual core CPU stakes, we find that Italian rsannino and US overclocker Splave continue to compete for dual-core dominance using an Intel Core i3 7350K. Let’s check out the details.

The new fastest ever score in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark using a single graphics processor now stands at 13,728 marks. The score was made using an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti card configured with the Pascal GP102 chip clocked at 2,569MHz, a huge +73.58% beyond stock settings. Graphics memory was configured at 1,607MHz (+16.79%). In terms of CPU Vince used an Intel Core i7 6950X clocked at 5,149MHz (+71.63%). Interestingly, we believe the card used was an Nvidia Founders Edition modded with the latest iteration of EVGA's E-Power board. Currently the nearest competitor to k|ngp|n in the 1x GPU Time Spy rankings is $@39@ from Greece who sits some way back with a score of 13,448 marks. Nice work as always Vince.

Splave and rsannino have been competing with the Intel Core i3 7350K processor for a couple of weeks now. Until recently it looked like things had reached an impasse with both overclockers tied on 1,221 marks on the XTU benchmark. It didn’t last too long however as rsannino posted a score of 1,224 marks pushing the Kaby Lake i3 chip to 6,700MHz (+59.52%) using an ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard. Splave was quick reply however posting (perhaps a backup?) score of 1,227 marks just hours later. This battle might just go on for a bit. I sure hope so.

You can check out all the scores in the links above as well as in the k|ngp|n, rsaninno and Splave profile pages.

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