ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero: Beta BIOS Updates Add New Multiplier Options

A few days ago we noted how AMD had confirmed an AGESA update for the month of May which the company claimed could improve DDR4 memory support for Ryzen-based systems. Over the weekend the ASUS ROG team have taken advantage of the AGESA update, issuing two a new beta BIOSes for the popular ROG Crosshair VI Hero motherboard. The new BIOSes offer new multiplier options that should make it possible to hit memory speeds of 3600MHz and beyond.

The two new BIOSes are versions 9943 and 9945. According to posts from enthusiasts on the ROG Forum, 9945 is designed to systems that have more than 16GB of DDR4 installed. The new multipliers are as following; 3066, 3333, 3466, 3600, 3733, 3866 and 4000. Results will vary according to what kind of memory you are using (Hynix AFR vs Samsung B Die for example), but according to enthusiasts on the ROG forum 3,600MHz is now doable:

“With 1201 I was able to hit 3466ish, but never above that. With the new bios I finally got to my F4-3600C16D-16GTZSW rated 3600MHz with 16-16-16-16-36-1T. Took some doing, but what a treat. I need to get familiar with all these new settings that are available, but it should be a fun challenge. Thanks to AMD for the new AGESA and the Asus team for the new EUFI's!”

You can find links to the new BIOSes here on this ROG forum thread.

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