AMD AGESA Update for May Improves DDR4 Memory Compatibility and Performance

According to an interview with Forbes magazine AMD have managed to improve the memory compatibility and performance of their new Ryzen architecture processors. A new AGESA update will help resolve the issues that many users are encountering when trying to push memory clock speeds beyond 3,000MHz. According to TechPowerUp:

AMD confirmed that its AGESA update for May improves DDR4 memory compatibility, although it also stressed on the need for motherboard manufacturers to improve their board designs in the future, with more PCB layers and better copper traces between the DIMM slots and the SoC socket. The company assures that more updates to AGESA are in the pipeline, and would improve performance of Ryzen processors at various levels. The AGESA updates are dispensed through motherboard vendors as BIOS updates.”

Alva ‘Lucky_n00b’ Jonathan, writing for JagatReview is also tentatively confirming the improvements which include a new array of sub-timings that allow for looser timings, higher speeds and better performance. He notes how the new update brings a 10% boost in performance for Hynix IC Ram with DDR4-2933, an 8-9% performance improvement with Samsung B-die IC at DDR4-3200 and extra stability with certain Hynix modules at DDR4-3200 speeds.

You can find the interview with James Prior and Robert Hallock here at, as well as this article from TechPowerUp. You can also find the testing data from Alva here on JagatReview (Google Translate).

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