Splave (US) Moves Up to 2nd Place in HWBOT World Rankings

America’s No.1 Overclocker Splave just managed to ease himself in to second place in the HWBOT world rankings this week by earning a total of 2,827 points. His recent exploits in XTU, wPrime and GPU for CPU 1B among others, means that he has now surpassed Poland’s Xtreme Addict who remains close behind on 2,755 points.

Around a week ago Splave took on the XTU benchmark armed with a dual-core Core i3 7530K processor. His score of 1,221 points edges out the previous best from Italian rsannino who now sits in second place with 1,219 points. Splave’s score is a Global First Place ranked score for a dual-core processor and was made with a Core i3 7350K pushed somewhere north of 6.7GHz (having opted not share the exact details of the rig, there’s no way we can know for sure). What we do know is that he used an ASRock Z170M OC Formula motherboard and that this submission earned 166.4 global points.

Another lucrative submission happened a few days later as he submitted a Global First Place ranked score of 7mins 39sec 480ms in GPUPI for CPU 1B, the fastest ever with a dual-core CPU. His Core i3 7530K was on this occasion confirmed to be clocked at 6,805MHz (+62.02%) with DDR4 configured at 2002.1MHz (12-12-12-28). This score earned Splave 78.5 global points.

We find Splave using a Core i7 7700K to reach 2nd place in the quad-core Global Rankings of the wPrime 1024M benchmark with his Kaby Lake chip overclocked to 6,883MHz (+63.88%). This resulted in a score of 1min 30sec 781ms. In the Wprime 32M benchmark he managed to squeeze even more performance from his CPU, reaching 6,891MHz (+64.07%) to complete a run of 2sec 874ms. Together these scores total an additional 169.2 global points.

Congrats to Splave for his recent work. You can find all of his scores here on his profile page as well as in the links above.

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