Throwback Thursday: Leeghoofd Breaks 3DMark01 IGP Record in HWBOT OC Challenge (April 2010)

Today we look back at time when HWBOT used to run a monthly contest for members known as the HWBOT OC Challenge. Back in 2010 the April HOC was all about pushing integrated graphics to the limit. Belgian legend Leeghoofd took part in the contest, taking the win with a record score of 36,368 points. This was just ahead of Poland’s ryba AICooling and Chew* from the US. Here’s what we wrote back on May 4th 2010:

My apologies if this news post is a bit too chauvinistic for your taste, but … it’s not every day a Belgian overclocker wins a competition. After quite an interesting series of back-up game play by Nick.UA and Yotomeczek, everyone thought Polish overclocker Ryba would take the win eventually hitting the 35k mark just a few hours before the end of the competition. However, Leeghoofd, at that point at around 33k, managed to take the win with an impressive 36386 points. That’s 1000 points higher than Ryba, who ended second, and 1100 points more than Chew*, who finished third.

This month’s challenge was a bit different from the previous challenges since the dollar/euro-input was a bit higher as in order to participate you needed a high-end integrated graphics card. Most of the overclockers went for and AMD-based platform: either 790GX (HD3300), 785G (HD4200) or 890GX (HD4290). Unlike what many figured at the beginning of the competition, the winning platform wasn’t produced by one of the major high-end hardware manufacturers, but by the smaller and sometimes considered inferior Asrock.

You can find the full article from way back in May 2010 here. You can also revisit the HWBOT OC Challenge - April 2010 contest page here.

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