Wizerty Checks Out the KingPin Cooling INFERNO Heater Kit [French]

France’s No.1 overclocker Wizerty is busy once again coming out with some really great OC-related content. This time he’s created a video where he tests out a new overclocking gadget from KingPin Cooling – the INFERNO Socket Heater kit. The video is recorded in his native French, but thanks to the magic of YouTube it’s possible to get the gist of things by simply using the integrated auto translate option.

The KingPin Cooling INFERNO Heater Plate kit was launched back in February of this year and is designed to make extreme, sub-zero overclocking a little easier on your motherboard. When using LN2 to drop the temperature of your CPU to -190c or so, you always run the risk of the surrounding area of the PCB experiencing some serious condensation, especially if you live in a more humid part of the world. Condensation eventually leads to ice build and eventually water – an obvious major headache for any kind of electrical device.

The idea behind the KPC INFERNO Heat Plate is that it managed to automatically adjust its temperature so that the motherboard itself doesn’t drop to such extreme temperatures. This avoids excessive condensation and issues such as condensation and ice. It all sounds good in theory but of course testing the reality of a product and effectiveness is another matte r entirely. Over to you Wizerty!

Catch the KPC INFERNO Heat Plate video from Wizerty, here on his own dedicated YouTube channel.

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