ROG OC Showdown Team Edition Update: ASUS Republic of Gamers Lead with 20 Days Left

There are just over twenty days to go until we reach the climax of the ROC OC Showdown Team Edition contest on OC-ESPORTS. Today we bring you an update to the movers and shakers in the contest, the teams that are currently heading the contest table, plus some of the scores and submissions that have caught our attention so far.

ROG OC Showdown Team Edition: April 14th - June 5th 2017

The ROC OC Showdown Team Edition has so far attracted the attention of 77 competing teams of overclockers - a pretty impressive participation level that is no doubt helped by the attractive prizes that ASUS have lined up for the winners. More on the prizes later. In terms of structure, the contest is broken down into five individual stages, each with specific benchmarks and rules about how many scores are needed, restrictions on cooling and the different hardware needed. There are also restrictions regarding which overclockers can compete. For example Stage 1 involves scores from three Rookie or Novice overclockers benching on XTU with three different quad-core processors using air or water cooling (25°C at idle).

Stage 1: Intel XTU with Quad-Core CPUs

In Stage 1 it’s all about the Rookie and Novice contingent of your team stepping up to the plate to show what they can do in the XTU benchmark. Three submissions are required, each using a different quad-core CPU with idle temps no lower than 25°C. The leading team at the top of the table is currently an who fly the flag for Indonesian overclocking. Kakumei leads the way for his team with a score of 1,835 marks using a Core i7 7700K clocked at 5,200MHz (+23.81%). He is joined by ramright with a score of 1,795 marks using a Core i7 6700K clocked at 5,100MHz (+27.50%) and Gang.guan who opted for a Core i5 6600K which he pushed to 4,790MHz to score 1,532 marks.

Find the full update article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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