$@39@ (Greece) Takes Down Four Quad-Core GFP Ranked Scores, Moves to 7th in World Rankings

Here’s a wee flurry of submissions that may have escaped your attention. Greek overclocker $@39@ (pronounced Saega we think) posted a stack of scores last weekend that earned him enough points to make it to a very impressive seventh place ranking on HWBOT. These included four Global First Place ranked scores in HWBOT Prime, GPUPI for CPU 1B, wPrime 1024M and wPrime 32M.

The new Global First Place ranked score for a quad-core processor in the HWBOT Prime benchmark now stands at 8,514.54 pps. This score was made with a quad-core Kaby lake Core i7 7700K pushed to a very nice 6,951MHz (+65.50%). Other rig details include DDR4 system memory clocked at 2,044MHz (12-12-12-28) using an ASUS Maximus IX Apex motherboard. This edges out Splave (US) who now stands in second place with 8,480.35 pps.

In the GPUPI for CPU 1B benchmark the new Global First Place for quad-core CPUs now stands at 3min 44sec 192ms. On this occasion the $@39@’s Core i7 7700K was pushed to 6,981MHz (+66.21%) with system memory configured at 2,023MHz (12-12-12-28). This beats Romanian Overclocker Alex@ro who submitted a score of 3min 44sec 227ms last month.

The fastest quad-core score in wPRime 1024M now stands at 1min 30sec 609ms with $@39@ and a Core i7 7700K hitting 6,880MHz (+63.81%). Again Alex@ro and his score of 1min 30sec 937ms is eclipsed. In the wPrime 32M benchmark we find $@39@ with a run of just 2sec 859ms with Kaby Lake chip pushed to a massive 6,913MHz (+64.60%). Again we find Alex@ro closest with his run of 2sec 874ms.

You can check out all of the scores from $@39@ on his profile page here as well as in the links above. You can also check out the HWBOT rankings here where $@39@ now sits in 7th place – very good going for an Extreme, non-Elite level Overclocker. Congrats!


Taiwan sdougal says:

Hats off to $@39@!

United States Splave says:

congrats good push

Greece $@39@ says:

Thanks Splavor.

Indeed no ihs benching helps with 8 threaded benches if you are very carefull with it.
But is not as easy as it looks.I had to modify my pot base a bit and also try to make the chip bend as little as possible.
Sometimes while testing i could bench perfect high core frequencies but anything above 6g for cache was no go.
Also some of the times with no ihs my cpu needed high dmi although i was benching 2d with gpu in the last slot...
As for single threaded 2d i did not saw any significant change in frequencies but maybe that depents on each cpu...

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Well done, awaiting Stavros move...

Greece Phil says:

Leeghoofd said: Well done, awaiting Stavros move...

Hard to compete but we have something in schedule :D
Congrats mate :celebration:

Greece Demac says:

Congrats m8.

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