Throwback Thursday: HWBOT Integrates Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Today being a Thursday we once again look back at a pivotal point in history which resonates throughout the overclocking world. This time we reflect on a post made in 2013 which announced the full integration of the Intel XTU benchmark with the HWBOT back end. It all began with the idea of making Overclocking as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, a dream which has now become a reality. Back on May 3th 2013, this is what we wrote:

Intel has developed a new version of the Extreme Tuning Utility (“XTU”). The new version includes an in depth integration with the HWBOT website. This integration presents itself as a new opportunity for the community to promote, explain, and celebrate that one thing we are all so passionate about: overclocking.

How it all began… The project kicked off in January 2012 with a couple email exchanges between Intel and HWBOT. Over the next couple of months, the conversation would bring us from a simple “can we cooperate in 2012?” to detailing the possibilities with XTU and the HWBOT site. Intel needed a platform through which they can enable consumers to start overclocking and HWBOT is always looking to increase support for the overclocking community. Integrating an overclocking software application into HWBOT to enable sharing of overclocking information sounded like a great idea…

Overclocking and performance tuning is now enjoyed by more people than we ever thought possible, and much of that is due to the hard work made to create and support the XTU benchmark. Click here to read the full article announcing the integration of the XTU benchmark with HWBOT.

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