Ultimate Extreme Overclocking Guide for ROG GTX 1080 Ti STRIX from Xtreme Addict (Poland)

Current World No.2 Xtreme Addict from Poland has just published an extreme overclocking guide entitled ‘Ultimate ASUS 10180 Ti ROG STRIX AC/LN2 Tips’. As the title would imply it’s a comprehensive guide that covers extreme overclocking on the latest custom PCB 1080- Ti cards, specifically the ASUS ROG STRIX card which arrived on the market recently. Getting the most out of these cards on LN2 requires a great deal of experience and practical knowledge, all things which XA has in abundance. Here’s his introduction to the guide:

“Finally 1080 TI custom PCB cards are out! This time I would like to focus on Asus Strix Gaming 1080 TI card. This guide applies also for POSEIDON card cause they use same PCB. Still 1080 TI chip is pretty new for vendors, and there is no super top highend LN2 card as Matrix yet, but looks like Strix is doing really well. Though we have to remember that in product ranges it's just "low rank" custom design which is supposed to be just better than reference card. It's not designed for XOC in first place, though it doesn't mean it can't be overclocked.”

The guide goes on to cover pretty much every aspect involved in getting the most from your custom GTX 1080 Ti card. This includes a breakdown of the PCB itself and advice about mounting GPU pots, including\ng specific insulation techniques, thoughts on Pascal GPUs generally in terms of air cooling and extreme cooling, plus advice about which software to use and much, much more.

For anyone attempting to push a GTX 1080 Ti under LN2, this guide will doubtless prove to be a very useful resource. Check it out here on the HWBOT Forum. Very nice work as always Michal. Thanks for sharing!

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