Bigblock990 (US) Takes 4x GFP Ranking in Cinebench R15, Harshal (India) Takes World Record with 96 Core Rig

US Extreme overclocker bigblock990 just laid down a marker that places him right up there with some of the best overclocking talent around. Earlier today he submitted a new Global First Place ranked score in the Cinebench R15 benchmark, using a Core i7 7700K pushed to very nice 6,870MHz (+63.57%) to score 1,554 cb points, the highest ever score achieved using a quad-core processor. Other defining aspects of the rig used include a G.SKILL Trident Z memory kit clocked at 2,019MHz (12-12-12-28) and an ASRock Z170M OC Formula motherboard. It’s interesting to note also that bigblock990 used a delidded, direct mounted Kaby Lake chip.

The new high score edges past Alex@ro (Romania) on 1,552 cb points which was submitted just a week or so ago. Alex managed to push his Kaby Lake i7 chip to 6,860MHz (+63.33%), just a snip behind bigblock990. In the hunting pack we also have $@39@ (Greece) on 1,550 cb with a core i7 7700K at 6,853MHz (+63.17%), while Ikki (Japan) and Spalve (US) sit just behind on 1,549 cb points.

Cinebench R15 World Record Update

While we’re on the topic of Cinebench R15, it’s interesting to note that a new World Record score was set just a few weeks ago by Indian overclocker Harshal. He used an absolute beast of a server which was based around 4x Xeon E7-8890 v4 chips. Each chip contains 24 Broadwell-EX cores with HyperThreading, which means an insane 48 threads per core. All four of his E7 8990 v4 chips and their 96 cores were pushed to 2,600MHz (+18.18%) resulting in a new World Record score of 8,736 cb points. This bests the only other HWBOT member with a 96-core server rig on hand, dhenzjhen (Philippines) who used a very similar rig to hit a score of 8,299 cb points back in June of last year.

Check out the new Cinebench R15 GFP ranked score for quad-core processors from bigblock990 here. A big round of applause to you sir! You can also find the full rankings for Cinebench R15 here.

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