[HWBOT X] DrWeez Invites Media to his Home for ROG Masterclass

Part of the HWBOT remit is to promote the concept of overclocking to the broadest possible audience. The HWBOT World Tour and the HWBOT X initiative involve hosting workshops to teach gamers, modders, enthusiasts or whoever will listen about overclocking and the joys it can bring. DrWeez however has perhaps just taken things a little further, inviting local South African media into his home for a day long workshop on Extreme overclocking with LN2 – welcome to the ROG Masterclass by DrWeez.

The event series is sponsored by ASUS branded the ROG Masterclass by DrWeez. He invited local media into his den to try their hand at pushing a CPU under Liquid Nitrogen. DrWeez provided the gear (with support from ASUS) that his guests would need to prepare the hardware for a rel, LN2 benching session, beginning with motherboard preparation. Once prepped it’s time to break out the paper towels, mount the LN2 pot and starting pouring the LN2 followed by some fun raising clocks and voltages.

Perhaps the best coverage we have of the event so far comes from blogger and YouTuber Sam Wright. From watching her video, we soon learn that although she is reasonably tech savvy, she’s never actually build a PC before. But who cares. Within a matter of hours she’s pouring LN2 and running benchmarks with a vengeance. Good going.

You can find the full video from Sam Wright here on her YouTube channel. You can also find the original event listing for the ROG Masterclass event here on the HWBOT X website.

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