Rookie Rumble #44 and Rookie Ryzen Rumble #3 Kick Off Tomorrow

So far in the 2017 season on HWBOT we have seen huge numbers in the Rookie Rumble series on OC-ESPORTS. The combined participation figures for the season so far come to a massive 2,119 Rookie Overclockers making 4,110 submissions. And some people say Overclocking is dead? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

The story continues tomorrow with the start of Round #44 which runs from May 6th to 27th inviting Rookie and Novice HWBOT members to bench on XTU, Geekbench 4 Multi-core and SuperPi 1M. And let’s not forget that AMD fanboys start off as Rookies too. The Rookie Ryzen Rumble is dedicated to overclocking the latest Ryzen architecture processors and runs in tandem with Rumble #43.

The leading Rookie at the moment on HWBOT is JimJamJamin who is from the UK and a member of the growing r/overclocking team. His work in the previous Rounds where he excels at Ryzen overclocking, plus his recent of fun benching the Core i3 7350K processor places him at the top of the league. Another Rookie of note is American DeanoMax who sits in third place in the league having just won the last two rounds of the Rookie Rumble.

You can read all about the last round of the Rookie Rumble here, as well the Rookie Ryzen Rumble here on OC-ESPORTS. Rounds #43 and #2 kick off tomorrow. We expect plenty of Rookie overclocking action to follow.

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