3D-Printable Vertical Stands Added to Open Benchtable Community Projects

Since its inception, the Open Benchtable Project has been Open Source in nature. Being open allows OBT owners and creative people in general to unleash any ideas they have, feed them back to the community to hopefully create an endless cycle of improvement and creativity. At the back end of last year the Open Benchtable team added a Community Projects page the OBT website – essentially a place where creators can share the ideas and the resources they have contributed. Today we have some news about a new project that has produced 3D-printable stands that allow users to place the OBT on side.

The vertical stands were created by shimsim and originally shared on Thingiverse.com. This is what shimsim had to say:

The Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable was design to sit horizontally on a table but increasingly there are a number of people that are using it in the vertical orientation for videos and photography as its easier to view the hardware installed. Whilst the BC1 can stand vertically, it was not specifically designed for this and if knocked forward, could tip over damaging both the BC1 and hardware installed. Additionally, resting the BC1 on its side might over time damage the edge or the table its resting on. As the BC1 is designed to be an Open project and moddable though 3D printable add-ons, the obvious solution was to design some add-on feet which would solve this problem.

This project follows two previous projects; 3D-printable brackets and SFX power supply adapter. You can find the 3D-printable vertical stand project here on the Open Benchtable website.

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