Lucky_n00b (Indonesia) Wins GIGABYTE April Extreme Clocking 2017, Plus Prize Draw Winners

The second contest in the GIGABYTE Overclocking Season 2017 just came to a close a few days ago here on OC-ESPORTS. The winner at the end of the April Extreme Clocking contest was Indonesian No.1 Lucky_n00b who finished just ahead of fellow countryman IvanCupa in second place and the UK’s kimandsally in third place. Let’s take a look at the contest in a little detail including the important scores and submissions made throughout, plus a review of the great prizes that have been won, including the Lucky Prize Draw winners.

GIGABYTE April Extreme Clocking: April 1st to 30th, 2017

Running throughout the month of April, the April Extreme Clocking contest took a rather different approach compared to most overclocking contests. Instead of merely asking overclockers to score as highly possible in a given benchmark, this contest challenged overclockers to hit a specific target score. It might sound a little unusual but in fact it is a contest format that has been used before as a way to create a competitive format without participants needing the newest and fastest hardware.

The contest featured four stages with different target scores devised for each. Stages opened for one week only with the first overclocker hitting the target score (or closest to it) taking top spot. In terms of hardware restrictions, combatants had to use a GIGABYTE / Aorus motherboard with processors restricted to non-HEDT, non-server, non-engineering sample chips. Let’s have a look at each of the stages in more detail.

Read the full contest roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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