[Overclocking.Guide] GIGABYTE Ryzen 7 OC Guide

The new Ryzen architecture processors from AMD have proven (in most instances) to be a match for Intel’s Core offerings, providing an alternative in the high-performance enthusiast space. When it comes to overclocking however, the new Ryzen chips can represent quite a challenge with specific settings often interpreted differently by different motherboard vendors. The good news today is that if you have acquired a GIGABYTE motherboard, you can now take advantage of an AMD AM4 Overclocking Guide that deals specifically with the task of overclocking Ryzen processors using GIGABYTE motherboards.

The guide has been reproduced on the Overlocking.Guide website with permission from GIGABYTE. It was written by GIGABYTE’s in-house overclocker Sofos, a Greek OC master who shares a ton of great advice based on his years of experience as an overclocker coupled with insights that have been gleaned from his role within the company. It covers a ton of topics that will help you come to terms with overclocking an AM4 platform CPU, with specific focus on AMD Ryzen 1800X model processors.

The guide kicks off with a basic introduction to AMD platform processors, covering the differences you will encounter compared with benchmarking Intel platform processors. Voltage settings are covered in some detail as well as advice on how to optimize your memory settings. Issues such as stability testing and monitoring thermals are also covered.

You can find the GIGABYTE Ryzen 7 overclocking guide here on the Overclocking.Guide website. It can also be found hosted in magazine format on Joomag here.

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