[Video] AMD Explain Secrets of Ryzen Memory Overclocking

The MSI Dragon Squad is an exclusive group of social media personalities that MSI describes as brand ambassadors. As a member of the MSI Dragon squad you get exclusive access to the latest MSI products and a chance to create some exclusive content. Dragon Squad member Blunty was fortunate to get the chance to visit AMD Headquarters in Austin Texas. One section of the trip involved a presentation from AMD executives, including a briefing with Robert Hallock, AMD’s Evangelist for Processor Technologies. The briefing involved a really interesting look at overclocking memory on the new AMD Ryzen platform.

Robert kicks off my explaining what he describes as some ‘absurdly named BIOS options’ that may well seem unintelligible to even the most ardent enthusiasts. These include ProODT, which stands for Processor On-Die Termination –it’s a value that determines whether or not, or indeed when the electrical signal between memory and the CPU should be terminated. Robert then recommends somewhere between 40-60ohms as ideal ProODT settings. The setting is there to aid stability with certain memory DIMMs.

One other area that Robert explores is the Ryzen architecture in terms of voltages and the Uncore settings (also known as SOC) which concerns things like the PCIe bus, memory controller, USB etc. Altering the Vcore settings adjust only the voltage for the Zen cores themselves, not the other aspects of the chip that reside in the SOC voltage. He also explains that raising the SOC voltage to 1.1v can dramatically improve high speed memory stability.

For anyone who really wants to bone up on AMD Ryzen memory overclocking, this video is a great resource. You can find it here on the Blunty YouTube channel.

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