Throwback Thursday: Team Finland LN2 OC Meeting in 2010

Once we again we revisit a news post from the past that evokes happy Overclocking memories. This week we take a peek behind the curtain of time to recall a meetup organized by Team Finland, a story we covered in April 2010. The meetup was essentially an Extreme Overclocking workshop / try out which included overclockers SF3D, Asmola, Junksu, hOLIC, SeMbEr and Koneksi. Here’s what we wrote back on April 9th 2010:

“It’s definitely not easy getting started with extreme overclocking, or overclocking for benchmark scores for that matter. In the old days, when men were still men and most of us still playing Counter Strike getting started with extreme overclocking meant having the guts to order a couple kilos of Dry Ice, killing a couple of boards because of the lack of insulation and, most of all, spending hours and hours reading about extreme overclocking. Nowadays, experienced overclockers such as SF3D appear on local team sessions to meet up with the upcoming guarde to show how LN2 works and let them get familiar with the ‘stuff’.”

The event provided some crucial experience and preparation for the finals of the Gigabyte Intel P55 OC Challenge, a contest in which the Finland team eventually finished in second place. SF3D OC managed to shoot some cool footage of the meetup event which he posted on his YouTube channel. You can also check out the original post from 2010 here.

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