Der8auer Examines the GALAX GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame Graphics Card

Towards the back end of last week GALAX revealed their Hall of Fame GTX 1080 Ti graphics card . It certainly got plenty of attention from enthusiast tech media as the company has gone all out to produce one of the heftiest and most highly-specced 1080 Ti cards on the market. It’s also targeted at overclockers, featuring a monster VRM design that is actually powered by three eight-pin power connectors. With all the buzz around the new card, our buddy Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung decided to take a closer look in attempt to find out if it really is an overclockers Wet Dream!

As well as the additional eight-pin power adapter, one other thing that got plenty of attention with enthusiasts getting hot under the collar was the VRM design of the GTX 1080 HoF. The GALAX marketing team have made claims of using up to 19 phases, however, images of the card’s PCB have revealed the VRM design to be based around a 16 phase design for the GPU itself, plus an additional three for the graphics memory. Roman notes how in fact the GPU uses an eight phase which has been doubled to sixteen – a common design approach that should offer great power delivery with heat dissipating across a wider surface that will allow for lower temperatures. The choice of using an International Rectifier voltage controller means that extreme overclockers will be able to control voltages from software – something that Nvidia might not wholly condone.

Roman concedes that this card might not be the Holy Grail of Overclocking simply due to the fact that Pascal GPUs don’t scale too well when you up the voltage - he does conclude however that it’s design looks really, really good. You can catch the video from Roman here on the der8auer YouTube channel.

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