GIGABYTE Summer Spectacular Contest Coming Soon - Bench Core i3 7350K and GeForce GT 730

As you may or may not be aware, GIGABYTE has put together a very cool series of Overclocking contests on OC-ESPORTS for 2017 with $10,000 USD of prizes on offer. With the third contest opening in just a few weeks, GIGABYTE just reminded us about the details regarding its structure. The ‘GIGABYTE Summer Spectacular’ contest will run throughout the month of May and involve specific hardware limitations for both CPU and GPU options – only Intel Core i3 7350K processors and Nvidia GeForce GT 730 cards may be used. Clearly the idea is make the contest as accessible as possible for overclockers of all budgets.

Just to recap on the the action so far. A few weeks ago we came to the conclusion of the March Madness contest which offered $2,500 in prizes. It invited overclockers to compete across three stages with CPU clocks limited to 5GHz, a great way to level a playing field where there are so many highly binned Kaby Lake chips around. The winner was Splave from the US who managed the win despite great work from Marc0053 and leegoofd who came second and third respectively.

Right now OC-ESPORTS is hosting the GIGABYTE April Extreme Clocking 2017 contest. Instead of trying to squeeze as much performance from your system as possible to hit the highest scores, this contest challenges you to hit a specific score using the Intel XTU benchmark. Stages open for just a week. At the moment the contest is tied between Indonesians Ivan Cupa and Lukcy_n00b who are both on target for some great prizes.

The GIGABYTE Summer Spectacular contest will run throughout May 2017. All you need to enter is a GIGABYTE motherboard, an Intel Core i3 7350K and a GeForce GT 730 card. Details regarding stages and benchmarks to follow.

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