Throwback Thursday: I.nfraR.ed (Bulgaria) Breaks Thoroughbred Super 1M Record with Athlon XP 1800+

This Thursday we are focusing in on a post we made back in April 2013 that celebrated a new record SuperPi 1M score for AMD Thoroughbred CPUs. The score was made by Bulgarian overclocker I.nfraR.ed who dug out his old T-bred chip in order to help his team in the HWBOT Team Cup 2013:

“The unofficial motto of HWBOT is "Records are meant to be broken" and that is something I.nfraR.ed from Bulgaria took to heart. He managed to set a new SuperPI 1M top score for the Thoroughbred CPU architecture. Even though SuperPI might not be so relevant today, back in days of the "T-bred" cpus it was a very popular benchmark amongst power users and overclockers.”

”Cooled by the Kingpincooling Dragon F1 and mounted on the legendary ABIT NF7-S motherboard, the Bulgarian AMD master squeezed 3.1GHz out of his Athlon XP 1800+ processor. He is running the FSB at a frequency of 260MHz, which is very high considering the memory is running in sync (1:1). As the old school overclockers probably know, a high FSB frequency is mandatory for a good SuperPI efficiency! It seems that there might still be a bit left in this CPU as I.nfraR.ed indicates in a comment: "Really quick one. 3150 crashed at 18th loop on empty pot and temperature already rising". In any case, congratulations for this excellent result!”

It’s interesting to note that today I.nfraR.ed continues to be a force to be reckoned with, winning the retro hardware-centric Challenger Division VII in Round 1 just a week or so ago. Hat’s off dude.

You can find the original post from April 22nd 2013 here.

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