Most Valuable Submission of Week 15, 2017: Gold for Rauf (SE), Dancop (DE), $@39@ (GR) and Orion24 (FR)

In Week 15 of 2017, we received 4776 benchmark results from 1303 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 51% of the active community. They were responsible for 45% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

During Week 15 of this year we have a total of 3 overclockers with a golden cup. First in line is Alex@ro from Romania with a Global First Place in the Cinebench R15 4xCPU benchmark. He scored 16.87 points with an Intel Core i7 7700K processor overclocked to 6900 MHz. Next up is Rauf from Sweden. He broke the World Record for 3DMark01 with a single GeForce GTX 1080 TI graphics cards overclocked to 1500/2000 MHz. The GPU is combined with a monster Core i7 7700K processor clocked at 7070 MHz. Last but not least we have Poparamiro from Romania with a Hardware First Place. He grabbed the top spot in the GeForce GTS 250 3DMark Vantage leaderboard with a card clocked at 1080/1404 MHz. Congratulations to everyone making the leaderboard!

The overclocking results submitted during Week 15 generated in total 0 World Record Points, 7462 Global Points, and 9117.2 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 16% for Elite, 30% for Extreme, 18% for Apprentice, 20% for Enthusiast, 5% for Novice, and 29% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 2% Elite, 7% Extreme, 4% Apprentice, 29% Enthusiast, 7% Novice, and 51% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 15, 2017

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Alex@ro 142.7 pts (GFP!) Rauf 129.8 pts (WR!) Alex@ro 35.2 pts
Extreme Ikki 61.3 pts Gunslinger 65.9 pts xXbladeXx 49.7 pts
Apprentice Davestarr 36.9 pts Menthol 95.6 pts Poparamiro 35.2 pts
Enthusiast PKBO 43.4 pts Darthresin 30.5 pts Cool-T 22.9 pts
Novice topyoyoguybest 40.5 pts agentfire 22.5 pts topyoyoguybest 39.4 pts
Rookie DeanoMax 39.8 pts vmanuelgm 42.5 pts ttc 39.4 pts

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