Dancop (Germany) Wins Overclocking World Championship - Poitiers 2017 Qualifier: Full Roundup

The third Qualifier contest of the Overclocking World Championship 2017 got underway yesterday with Germay’s Dancop, the current World No.1 in the HWBOT league taking the win with a famous victory over French No.4 Niuulh. Right now we going to have a recap of the action in the qualification segment, plus a look at the Semi-Finals and Final in a little more detail:

Overclocking World Championship - Poitiers 2017: Day One - Qualification

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 landed in Poitiers, France for Gamers Assembly this weekend, hosting overclocking workshops and contests to generally spread the word of overclocking. From a competitive overclocking perspective, the highlight of the event is the Overclocking World Championship, a series of extreme overclocking contests that are held at each World Tour location where winners get a seat in the Final at the end of the year. On Day One we saw the Qualifier Segment of the contest with twenty overclockers pushing their hardware to the limit to score as highly as possible across three benchmarks. Let’s take a peek at the action from Day One.

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