Pickaa (France) Wins HWBOT World Tour Poitiers 2017 Ambient Contest

The HWBOT World Tour - Poitiers 2017 event came to a close yesterday, and the great news is that we can confidently say that the event was a huge success in terms of reaching out to the local gaming and enthusiast community in France. More than two hundred Gamers Assembly attendees took part in Overclocking workshops at the contest, with the majority of them also making a competitive contribution by submitting scores to OC-ESPORTS. Join us as we take a look at the competitors that managed to rise to the top of the HWBOT World Tour Poitiers 2017 Ambient contest.

HWBOT World Tour Poitiers 2017 Ambient Contest: April 15th - 16th

A major component of the HWBOT World Tour is sharing and promoting the world of Overclocking with technology fans, PC gamers, DIY builders, modders and anyone else attracted to the idea of free additional PC performance. At each World Tour event the HWBOT team set up benching stations and hold Overclocking workshops, usually with the help of experienced local overclockers. After taking a quick overclocking course in the workshop, attendees are given the opportunity to try their hand at overclocking for themselves by pushing a system as hard as they can to score as highly as possible using the Intel XTU benchmark. The result is the World Tour Ambient Contest qualification segment.

The first two days were set aside for Gamers Assembly attendees to submit scores in the Intel XTU benchmark. Scores were then uploaded to the OC-ESPORTS site. The highest four scorers at the end of the two session were invited back to compete in Semi-Final, Bronze Final and Grand Final matches. The winners walked away with some decent prizes thanks to sponsors Seasonic and Alphacool.

Read the full HWBOT World Tour Poitiers 2017 Ambient Contest roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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