Overclocking World Championship - Poitiers 2017 : Live Stream with OverClocking-TV and Buildzoid

The first day of the Poitiers 2017 World Championship Qualifier contest is already behind us with twenty overclockers competing for the right to take part in the Final segment that takes place today. The top four will now compete in 1v matches for the right to appear in the OCWC Final at the end of the year. Day one of the contest has given us four top class overclockers; the top ranked pair from France, Wizerty and orion24, plus Niuulh and current world No.1 Dancop from Germany. It promises to be a monumental day of truly extreme, competitive overclocking.

The great news for those of us who cannot make it to Northern France today, is that OverClocking-TV are going to have a live stream of the event. As ever OC-TV host Trouffman will be joined by a guest commentator; in this case, the one and only Buildzoid. This means a commentary team with plenty of contrast - Trouff brings his vivacious personality (plus highly dubious facial hair) to the show while Buildzoid brings tons of technical insight based on own experience as an up and coming extreme overclocker.

The Final segment of the Overclocking World Championship is all about 1v1 overclocking matches. There will be four matches in total; 2x Semi-Final matches plus a Bronze Final match and a Final match. Each match will last 30 mins and will take place on the main stage at Gamers Assembly. All matches start with a benchmark draw where a benchmark is drawn from the following pool; SuperPi – 8M, SuperPi – 16M, Geekbench 3 Multi core (6GHz), Cinebench R15, GPUPI for CPU – 500M, HWBOT x265 Benchmark – 1080p, 3DMark11 Physics and 3DMark11 Physics (6Ghz). Each overclocker has one veto that he can use to avoid an unfavorable benchmark. The contest will use Intel Core i7 7700K processors each of which will be drawn at random. The overclocker with highest score wins.

Make sure you tune in to the live stream with Trouffman and Buildzoid here on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel.

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