Old School is Best School: Round 5 Kicks Off April 15th - Slot 1 / Slot A / Socket 7 plus ATi RAGE GPUs

The fifth round of the Old School is Best School contest gets underway tomorrow on OC-ESPORTS, and as a fitting climax to the series it involves threes stages with three different CPU platforms plus a pretty ancient and rare GPU series - exactly the kind of thing that old school overclockers enjoy. To compete in Round 5 you’re going to have to dig up CPUs, boards and memory that are compatible with Slot 1, Slot A and Socket 7/5. Plus you’ll need to find a Rage GPU from the early days of ATi graphics cards.

Old School is Best School Round 4: April 15th - May 15th 2017

First let’s have a quick overview of what exactly the Old School is Best School contest is all about. Most older and more experienced Overclockers love nothing more than being able to dig out their old hardware and revisit platforms and benchmarks from the distant past. The Old School is Best Contest is designed specifically with these members of the Overclocking Community in mind. It gives old timers the ideal excuse root through long forgotten boxes in the loft searching for specific motherboards, CPUs, memory and graphics cards.

Read the full news article about the Old School is Best School Round 5 contest here on OC-ESPORTS.

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