Hardware Asylum Podcast #74 - Testing the GTX 1080 Ti Against Two Popular Upgrade Theories

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain return with their latest Hardware Asylum podcast. Podcast #74 deals with the topic upgrading your GPU with a GTX 1080 Ti. With Nvidia releasing the Titan Xp recently, hot on the heels of the 1080 Ti, there’s plenty to discuss in terms of GPU upgrades. Here are the show notes:

There are two theories when it comes to upgrading video cards. The first fits the scenario where you buy an upper-midrange card at launch with the intent that you’ll add a second card when the price comes down. The second looks at the situation where you have an existing card and you’re thinking about an upgrade but cannot decide if you should upgrade now or wait until the next generation comes out. In this instance we normally recommend two generations however the interpretation is often decided by the size of your wallet.

Given the recent launch of the GTX 1080 Ti Darren asks the question if he should upgrade the MSI GTX 1070 GamerX that he bought shortly after the Pascal launch or, if it makes sense to buy a second card. The interesting thing is that if you are running a GTX 1070 it places you in the situation where you could consider a GTX 1080 Ti two generations newer giving you a valid upgrade option. Or, you could add a second card in SLI can match the performance. The question we explore is, “Which option makes sense from both the price and performance perspective.”

Catch the full podcast from Hardware Asylum here.

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