[HWBOT X] Give Overclocking a Try with Wizerty in Paris on April 29th

The HWBOT X website just posted a new and upcoming event which will be hosted by French No.1 Jean Michel "Wizerty" Tisserand. The ‘Try Out Overclocking’ event will take place at the Absolute PC store in Paris, France with the focus on introducing attendees to the concept of extreme Overclocking. The event will start with an extreme OC demo followed by a chance for folks to hands-on and give it a try for themselves. Here’s what Jean Michael has to say:

“On April 29, I will be hosting an extreme overclocking event in partnership with Absolute PC (a shop in Paris) and Corsair. This time, it’s not just a demonstration but I’m offering you the chance to try out extreme overclocking for yourself. If this is something you’ve ever wanted to do, join us! Of course, no stress, you won’t be alone. I will be there by your side and we will be overclocking together.”

HWBOT X is lists Overclocking events from all around the world – these include OC workshops, demos, presentations and of course competitive ambient and extreme contests. The ’Try Out Overclocking’ event in Paris is Sponsored by Corsair and Absolute PC, kicks off at 10am and runs until 4pm.

You can find more details about the ‘Try Out Overclocking’ event here on the HWBOT X website.

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