Anandtech Review Seasonic PRIME Titanium Series PSUs, Report 'Mythical Performance'

Writing for Anandtech, Mr E. Fylladitakis has today just published a review of the Seasonic PRIME Titanium Series PSUs. The series includes 600W, 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W variant models and is marketed as the company’s new premium consumer-grade PSU offerings. To say that this reviewer was impressed is something of an understatement:

”It is slightly ironic to label these units as Seasonic’s “technological pinnacle”, because they are not using any of the latest “leading” topologies or technologies. As a matter of fact, their core topology is relatively common and simple; just a typical input bridge converter and APFC circuit, a resonant LLC full bridge on the primary with synchronous rectification on the secondary. It is a configuration that we have seen many times in the past, yet no other designer before Seasonic has ever reached such performance figures with it.”

“Seasonic made it easy for us to summarize the entirety of these units’ performance in just one word: mythical. The very high efficiency that easily broke the 80Plus Titanium certification requirements with 230V AC input was a small surprise at first, but surprise turned to shock when we began testing the units inside our hotbox. Not only the high ambient temperatures hardly shook the efficiency of the units, the power quality and voltage regulation figures were just incredible. Before testing these three units, we would not believe that such performance would be possible with a consumer-grade PC PSU.”

As PSU sponsors of the HWBOT World Tour 2017, Seasonic provide PSUs for all OC contests and workshops. We have also heard news that they will showcase their new PRIME Titanium series during the Gamers Assembly event at Poitiers, France next weekend. You can find the full review on the PRIME Titanium series here on which includes a ton of well researched data to consider.

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