Splave (US) Wins GIGABYTE March Madness Contest, plus Prize Draw Winners

The first GIGABYTE sponsored contest of 2017 came to a close just a few days ago on OC-ESPORTS. At the end of a month long contest that attracted some of the world’s most potent overclocking talent, we find US overclocker Splave sitting at the top of the table. In second place we have World Champion 2016 marc0053 from Canada, while in third place we find Belgian legend leeghhofd. Let’s take a look at all the scores from the contest, the $2,500 USD prize pool on offer and the lucky prize draw winners.

GIGABYTE March Madness: March 1st to 31st, 2017

The March Madness contest from GIGABYTE, was open to Overclockers from all leagues on HWBOT. It spanned four individual stages with benchmarks chosen with the emphasis on CPU performance. To make things more interesting and reduce the effects of the silicon lottery, the contest implemented a frequency cap of 5,003MH. This meant that competing Overclockers will have to find ingenious ways to tweak their systems beyond simply pushing CPU frequency. In terms of hardware restrictions fit was all pretty simple; any single-core, dual-core or quad-core processor on any GIGABYTE motherboard. The following benchmarks were chosen for each of the four stages.

Catch the full roundup article, including all the winners and prizes, here on OC-ESPORTS.

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