Rauf (Sweden) Moves to 3rd Place in World Rankings After Kaby Lake Benching Spree

Sweden’s No.1 overclocker just moved in to third place in the rankings on HWBOT after a benching spree that lasted several days. The upshot is three Global First Place ranked submissions, taking the 4x CPU first place rankings in HWBOT Prime, Cinebench R11.5 and wPrime 1024.

The new Global First Place score for a quad-core processor in the HWBOT Prime benchmark is 8,478.45 pps. This was achieved using a Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K processor clocked at 6,939MHz, a massive +65.21% beyond stock settings. The rig used a GALAX Hall of Fame DDR4 kit clocked at 2010MHz (12-12-12-28) and an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard. Another notable feature of the session was the use of KPC Thermal Grease and a KPC Inferno Hot Plate. The new high score edges out Japan’s Hideo on 8,477 pps in the 4x rankings.

In Cinebench R11.5 the all time highest score for a quad-core processor now stands at 16.86 points. On this occasion the Core i7 7700K was clocked at 6,881MHz (+63.83%). The new score beats the previous best of 16.85 from the UK’s 8 Pack.

In wPrime 1024 Rauf managed to complete a run in just 1min 31sec 77ms. This was done with his Core i7 7700K pushed to 6,867MHz (+63.50%). The score beats the previous best in the 4x CPU rankings from Romanian Alex@ro and his run of 1min 31sec 94ms.

The benching spree from Rauf includes several other submissions including third placed 4x CPU scores in wPrime 32M, PiFast, Geekbench 3 Multi-core and HWBOT x265 1080p. The session has earned Rauf a total of 2,675 pts, which means he's just 275 points behind Poland’s Xtreme Addict in second place. Check out Rauf’s profile page here.

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