Hardware Asylum Podcast #73a - Taking Your Audio Quality to Eleven

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain return with their latest Hardware Asylum podcast. Podcast #73a deals with the topic of audio and audio enthusiasts. The guys discuss onboard motherboard audio, in-car audio systems and the lengths people will go to in order to have the best audio quality possible.

With all of our “extra” episodes we tend to kick back and talk about whatever comes to mind and in this random episode we bring up the subject of audio. The thing with audio is, you can dial in your interest and much like making cars go fast. “Audio quality is just a question of money, how good do you want it to be?”

In this episode the duo talk about all things audio from dedicated DAC and Headphone amplifiers to car audio and gear driven record players. It is all on the table, if not in a logical yet random order. There are a few big name drops and most of them are listed below. Dennis also brings up “this” motherboard in the episode which is an AOpen AX4B-533 with an onboard 5.1 audio controller and working vacuum tube amplifier. Cutting edge ’02 and he was there to see it in person.

Catch the full podcast from Hardware Asylum here.

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