HWBOT Announce RGB Bench, a Benchmark for Motherboard RBG Lighting

In the arena of motherboard design and manufacturing we usually focus on performance data for the CPU, GPU or system memory. Traditionally, motherboards have been tested and assessed on their ability to get the most from these key components. Today however we are pleased to announce a new benchmark that is much more suited to today’s high-performance motherboard segment. Welcome to RGB Bench, a benchmark developed by HWBOT specifically for the purposes of assessing RBG controller performance. A lead member of the HWBOT benchmark development team had this to say:

“At HWBOT we believe strongly in keeping up with technology trends, recognizing that the core technologies that drive the industry forward are forever evolving. That’s why we have developed RGB Bench. Want to know exactly how fast those RBG lights are flashing? Want to compare color change speeds of boards from different vendors? RGB Bench will tell you how far away you are from the bleeding edge.”

RGB Bench is still in beta stage development at the moment but should be available soon. Working closely with the industry’s major motherboard vendors we hope to offer a benchmark test that will assess all major RGB technologies including ASUS Aura, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light Sync. After months of development time, we are confident that RGB Bench will be a Really Good Benchmark.

More information about RGB Bench can be found here.

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