[Video] Buildzoid Overclocks an AMD FX-9590 in Challenger Division IV on OC-ESPORTS

Round 1 of the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS are almost at close. If look at Division IV you will find Buildzoid currently sitting in 9th place, a pretty high placing seeing as he has yet to post a score in Stage 1. His place on the table is due to an extreme overclocking session that he undertook a few days ago. In true Buildzoid fashion the entire session was live-streamed (warts and all) and uploaded to his Actually Hardcore YouTube channel. The result is an interesting fly-on-the-wall record of what needs to happen if you want to compete in the Challenger Divisions.

Each of the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions offer specific competitive overclocking spaces. If you can afford the most expensive hardware that money can buy, Division I would be your cup of tea. If you're benching on a budget, Division III is about Core i3 CPUs. Division IV however is centered AMD’s FX series processors with any AMD card allowed, a Division that suits Buildzoid to a tee. To compete in Division IV Buildzoid is using an AMD FX-9590 processor and a cap-modded AMD Fury X graphics card. In terms of motherboard he opted for an ASUS 970 Pro GAMING/ AURA motherboard plus a G.SKILL Ripjaw DDR3 kit.

Buildzoid’s exploits in the session manage to earn him a decent spot in the top ten of Challenger Division IV. Benchmarks in Round 1 include GPUPI for CPU 1B, Geekbench3 Muliti-Core, Unigine Heaven Xtreme, Cinebench R11.5 and 3DMark Time Spy. His most notable performance arrived in Stage 5 where he currently sits in second place in the 3Dmark Time Spy benchmark with a score of 5,374 marks, just behind Canada’s Johan45 with 5,683 marks.

You can catch the full live benching session here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel.

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