[Video] DrWeez Returns to OC Lab, Tests MSI Game Boost, Unboxes ROG Maximus IX Apex

After a break away from the OC Lab, South African No.1 returns to the fray with a couple of live streamed OC sessions. His latest streams take on a few topics, the first of which is the ‘Game Boost’ function that MSI have developed on their Z270 XPOWER Titanium motherboards.

In Session #47 DrWeez sets up a Core i7 7700K system using the MSI board and does some thorough testing to see exactly what’s happening behind the curtain. He examines how feature actually works while monitoring key metrics such as voltages and temperatures. Once the setting is applied in the BIOS Dr Weez found that his CPU was pushed to 5GHz using 1.38 volts – a configuration that would probably result in a stable overclock for 99% of all Core i7 7700K CPUs.

However it’s also a little high on the volts, probably by around 0.1 volts, a significant margin that could result in unnecessarily high temperatures. Using a Cooler Master Nepton 280L when running Cinebench R15 he found temps as high as around 84 degrees C. He then attempts some manual tweaks with the voltages that, not surprisingly help with thermal efficiency. Later on in this video, he whips out the Core i7 770K and delids it using the Delid Die Mate tool. He then replaces the standard paste with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. The mission? To see how much the thermals are actually improved by the delidding process.

Just a few days later DrWeez was back in action to share with us the moment that he opened his latest new toy, the ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard from ASUS. As one of the most popular Z270 motherboards among extreme overclockers right now, Andrew shares his initial thoughts with us on his new board – insightful hardware porn from an extreme overclocking perspective.

You can find all of DrWeez’s most recent videos here on his YouTube channel.

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