[Overclocking.Guide] Get Up to Speed with GIGABYTE Z270 Extreme Overclocking

If you are in possession of a GIGABYTE Z270 motherboard and fancy getting the absolute max in terms of sub-zero, extreme overclocking, you may want to head over the Overclocking.Guide website. They just posted a comprehensive guide that deals specifically with the particular nuances that are involved with using a GIGABYTE Z270 platform board with the latest Kaby Lake processors.

The guide was written by GIGABYTE’s in-house overclocker Sofos, a Greek OC master who shares a ton of great advice based on his years of experience as an overclocker coupled with insights that have been gleaned from his role within the company.

It covers a ton of topics including CPU preparation for Extreme Overclocking (including delidding and thermal paste issues), specific voltage adjustments and advice about finding cold bug and cold boot bug temperatures. Sofos also offers a bunch of tips that can help when adjusting frequencies, plus lots of troubleshooting advice for when things don’t quite go according to plan. Finally he gets on to the topics of legacy software and which apps to use for tweaking within the OS.

Check out the GIGABYTE Z270 Extreme Overclocking Guide here on Overclocking.Guide

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