[HWBOT X] Overclocking Workshops and Demos Hosted in Gipuzkoa, Spain

Last weekend HWBOT members ChentinoX and 360nat paid a visit to Gipuzkoa in Northern Spain to host overclocking workshops and contests. The two day also included a demonstration of Extreme Overclocking, just to further whet the appetites of those in attendance.

“The workshop kicked off on the evening of Friday the 17th of with a presentation from Vicente that introduced the core concepts of Overclocking. The following day he covered the area of ambient Overclocking with water cooling. After the presentation, attendees were invited to get involved and make some scores themselves using systems setup at the venue. The hardware used was based on Intel Core i7 6950X processors which were pushed using the Intel XTU tweaking and benchmark utility.”

“After competing against each other to decide who would appear in a Final match, the group were treated to a exhibition of Extreme Overclocking. 360nat showed off his skills at tuning a system under at sub-zero temperatures with plenty liquid nitrogen on hand. After the Extreme Overclocking it was time for the two top scoring newcomers to fight it out it out to decide who would be crowned OC School HWBOT X Gipuzkoa 2017 Champion. After a tight match OUTVADER.XXl was the winner.”

Read the full article which also includes an Aftermovie here on the HWBOT X blog.

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